We are a proud Level 2 B-BBEE contributor

Health & Safety Equipment

Considering the global pandemic, businesses and individuals are adopting new habits and behaviors to counteract the spread of the coronavirus. The safety and health of every individual is important. The World Health Organization and our government have equipped us with the knowledge on how to best respond to the outbreak.

Protecting yourself is the most essential thing one can do at this time. While businesses may encourage people to wash their hands, sanitize and wear face masks, essential service providers and other businesses need reliable and easy to use equipment to assist them in preventing the spread.

Supa Signs offers various equipment that helps minimize the spread of COVID-19 between individuals. The equipment promotes the adoption of new business practices and social behavior norms. Our current reality requires us to sanitize and disinfect ourselves and surfaces regularly and thoroughly.

  • All products are made locally in our factory – we are proudly South African and B-BBEE Level 2
  • Pricing is negotiable based on quantity
  • Delivery can be arranged throughout the country depending on order size
  • Custom branding/labeling readily available
  • All prices exclude VAT