We are a proud Level 2 B-BBEE contributor

Our ready-to-use Peracid Sanitiser is the leading disinfectant due to its safety and efficacy.

      Benefits include:

      • 99.9% Kill Rate for germs and bacteria
      • Alcohol free
      • Safe and gentle for children, people with skin conditions and pets
      • Leaves no toxic residue
      • 100% Green
      • Can be used on fruits and vegetables
      • Endorsed by the CDC and WHO
      • Labelled according to the GHS classification

        Triaqcide has a proven track record in wastewater industries, agriculture industries, medical equipment sterilisation, veterinary hygiene and the food and beverage industry.

        It is far safer for the immune system and respiratory tract to use disinfectants that do not contain alcohol. Furthermore, substances with 70% alcohol content will evaporate quickly without settling on surfaces to disinfect them properly. Many of the products being sold don’t even contain the necessary ingredients to kill the virus.


        We offer sales country wide in 25l, 50l and 100l containers.

        Contact us for further information on safe disinfecting solutions for your work space, employees and children.


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